Marketing has often been viewed as the poor relation by health practitioners, when they go about the business of healing in the community. The undeniable fact, however, is that healthcare must exist within a free enterprise capitalist system. This means that healthcare professionals need to run their operations as successful businesses if they are to survive in the real world. Things like paying rents, wages and all the necessary expenses that come with running a business, can only happen if an effective marketing strategy is in place. That marketing strategy can be viewed like the skeleton, which underpins the entire practice.

Growing Pains: The Gray’s Anatomy Of Strategies For Health Practitioners

Perhaps, understanding the importance of a marketing strategy in terms of a businesses’ anatomy, may jolt more healthcare practitioners into action when it comes to valuing its strategic place in the greater scheme of things. The days of putting your shingle out over the door and expecting customers to find you is well and truly over. In the twenty first century health professionals must have a clear plan in place, which utilises all the levers in a digital world.

The digital universe and its many platforms allow businesses to map and connect with much larger networks of people. The power of word of mouth is enabled and amplified through these digital channels. Quality healthcare services do not remain best kept secrets, but, rather, the message is spread powerfully and widely. Mapping the interlinking points is akin to understanding the anatomy of the human body. Identifying and locating the pressure points on this blue print allows a business to focus its marketing on these rewarding avenues. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, means less waste in terms of effort and budget.

The client’s website is central to that strategic map, like the human brain is the Head Quarters (HQ) for a person’s physical body and life. That HQ can store, collate, list and channel the essential information pertaining to that business. Satellites can revolve around that website, which may be social media platforms like Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and blogs. These things reach out into the community on a daily basis and provide digital spaces for conversations to take place. The content involved in these online discussions will often touch on health matters.  This allows the healthcare business to simultaneously go about the business of healing and to take part in these conversations. To build a great website is the foundation of digital marketing; and that never stops, because a great website is fluid thing, forever responding to the evolving world it lives in.