If you talk to old timers in the building game, they will tell you that it used to be an industry with seasonal peaks and lows. Construction was traditionally affected by things like the weather, as less work could be done in the rain and snow. These days those outside agencies have less impact on what can be achieved in all sorts of conditions. The digital realm never sleeps and it pays scant attention to localised stuff like weather. The Internet is hard at work when most folks are at home relaxing. Potential renovators can be found online researching all the factors they need to put in place before they start.

Sell Your Renovation Business All Year Round

It is no big secret that tradies and builders have been some of the last businesses to put themselves online. The whole digital thing, with keyboards and computer screens has traditionally been far removed from construction. There was a gender divide, with computer stuff being secretarial women’s work and construction being man’s work. All that has now changed, of course, with the digital age taking over everything. Renovators and construction based businesses must now have a strong digital presence if they are to get their share of the business out there.

The new contractor and tradesman has a website, maybe several, plus Facebook pages and online directory listings wherever possible. They are out there waving their hands and saying look at me in the digital space. It may be that their wives and girlfriends are handling this part of the business, or they are outsourcing to savvy professionals, but they now know the importance of digital marketing to their very survival in the remodelling and construction business. Belittle the Internet at your own risk, my friend, is the warning shared on building sites around the land.

Things like kitchen ideas and other remodelling impulses are, more generally, begun by women in the home. The nest is more important to the mother duck and it is she who sends out mister duck to collect the material for their new home. In the same way, guys who work in construction, are in an industry fuelled by female inclinations for expansion and nesting. The new kitchen and bathroom, the nursey and larger home, are all examples of this force of nature. The Internet is a boon for mother duck, because she can peruse your website at any time and all year round.