My grandfather always used to say to me, “Bonny lad, there are more pounds than pennies to be made in filth.” I am not sure if he meant waste management or the illicit sex industry, but it turns out he was right on both scores. Dealing with other people’s rubbish is, today, big business around the world. With billion plus populations in India and China embracing middle class consumerism, you can only imagine the packaging nightmare about to enfold the globe. Countries in the third world, who have traditionally ignored urban waste management are quickly realising that neglect is no longer an option.

Starting A Rubbish Removal Business: An Entrepreneurs Guide

So, starting a rubbish removal business: an entrepreneurs guide, where to start? Perhaps, it all begins with a bin, and from there it expands out to more bins, trucks to collect bigger bins, and facilities to take the accumulation of all this collected waste. Charging businesses and residents to collect and process their trash. Ensuring that the fees charged for this service are considerably greater than those paid out to deal with the waste. Recycling becomes another potential income source, can the material be refashioned and reused, can energy be produced in the process and that energy on sold?

Digital marketing can play a big role for the waste management entrepreneur in reaching potential customers. The ‘environment’ is a word on the lips of most people in the developed world, and concerns about their environment is a major motivator for many. Green marketing is fast becoming entrenched as a powerful persuader in the decisions that consumers make. Businesses are concerned about their brand and whether it is perceived as ecologically aware. Corporations want to be seen as friends of the earth and to tread lightly upon their patch, whilst still making loads of money.

Cynicism can creep in here, but when taking out the trash it is easy to be offended by the smell of shit on your shoe. Short term goals versus long term goals are the challenge facing many businesses, as we stand on the brink of this new century. One thing is for sure, waste management will only become more important and more of a pressing issue as we go forth into the future. Starting a rubbish removal business is a very smart idea, as this Australian case study clearly shows. The price of dealing with our rubbish will only go up and companies involved in the business will prosper in a sea of cast off packaging.